I build different Russian folk musical instruments and would be happy to sell any of them to enthusiasts of traditional music. Among the many instruments I make are:

-Koliosnaya lira and Don rylei (two different types of hurdy-gurdy, the former having a violin body and the latter - an oval body with an attached triangular keybox);
-Gusli (three different kinds of psaltery: wing-shaped (krylovidnye) with a fan-like string arrangement, oval- or trapezoid-shaped (shlemovidnye), and harp-like (arfovidnye) with an opening in the soundboard near the pegs to allow the player to pluck the strings from the back side of the instrument);
-Gudok (three-string pear-shaped bowed instrument that is held vertically);
-Rozhok (a reed instrument made from a cow's horn or birch bark).

I will be happy to trade my Russian instruments for folk instruments from other countries. With respect, Alexander Zhukovsky

E-mail: gukovski@narod.ru